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Are You a Legitimate Business?

What kind of marketplace are you?

  • We're an e-commerce marketplace that allows many types of vendors to sell their products on our site.  Similar to ETSY or Amazon - customers can shop for products from multiple vendors online all in one place, and then only have to make one payment for all of their purchases. 

    Another way to think about it would be like going to a giant shopping mall that's online.  Instead of paying for your purchases at each individual vendor, you would take all of your items from each vendor and "check-out" at one spot in the mall and make one payment before you left.

How are the marketplace fees calculated for vendors?

  • The marketplace fee % is calculated using ONLY the cost of the product itself.  Taxes and shipping ARE NOT included in the calculation of the marketplace fee that we charge on the vendor plans.

    We feel that this is an UNFAIR price gouging tactic utilized by the larger marketplace platforms out there...(like the ones starting with the letter "e") in order to squeeze every penny out of their vendors that they can in order to satisfy their investors....But that's just us talking since we're just a small business trying to be fair for everyone.

Is the marketplace for businesses only?

  • Nope!  Crafty Yoopers Marketplace was created with the intentions to serve the individual hobby crafter who creates "every once in a while" all the way up to larger retail businesses that have high volume sales and everyone in-between.

What if I don't want my hobby to become a business?

  • Fear Not Hobbyist!  Our marketplace is flexible to meet your needs - even if that means you want to remain "hobby sized" like currently selling at craft shows what you have made.  Let's say for example, you can only make maybe 1 or 2 items a week and you typically build up your inventory of crafts until it's craft show time.  At the craft show(s) you only sell what you have made.  On our marketplace, there's no pressure to take on orders for items that you might not have time to make - YOU control that.  All you need to do is set how many of a particular item that you have made as what's in stock, and when you run out, you're out....Just like at the craft shows - but without the hassle of having to haul everything to and from the craft shows.

I'm considered a "cottage foods" producer, can I join?

  • Absolutely yes!  The biggest holdup for cottage food producers (unlicensed food producers) is that they believe they can't sell online, but that's not true!  We verified with a representative from the State of Michigan food licensing department that "cottage food producers" CAN in fact sell and take payments online.  However, because they can't ship the product out, the purchaser MUST pick up the purchased product IN PERSON to complete the transaction.  This gives the consumer the ability to talk with the person(s) who made the jams, jellies, bakery items, etc and find out more about the product.

    So how does our marketplace help with this?  Easy - cottage food producer vendor accounts are restricted to an In-Person pickup only option, but the vendor can create a list of as many store location / pick-up points as they want, plus they can make as many or as few of them available during checkout.  During the checkout process, the buyer would select the pick-up point that the cottage food vendor will be located at and the vendor makes a sale even before they get to the next farmers market!  All they have to do is make sure to bring the order with them for the customer to take with them.

    Let Crafty Yoopers Marketplace help you to generate those farmers market sales before you even get there!

What Geographic Area Do You Allow Vendors From?

  • Since we're locally owned and operated, our business is focused on supporting the local businesses and entrepreneurs across the Upper Peninsula (with the exception of Yoopers living in exile).

Do I Need A Sales Tax License?

Who Handles Product Shipping?

  • Vendors will handle all of the product shipping details.  They will have the ability to determine if they want to allow customers to use in-person pickup, create their own shipping options and rates, or both (except for cottage food vendors - they'll be restricted to in-person pickup only due to Michigan laws).

What About Non-Profits?

  • As part of Our Mission to help support and promote local businesses, we will also be supporting local non-profit organizations across the UP as well on a case-by-case basis.  Non-profits please click here ---> Contact Us Form for our Contact Us Form.

How do I ....?

  • Great Question!  We're putting together a "How-To" informational section on the marketplace for current / future vendors as well as marketplace shoppers on how to navigate and perform different functions on the website.  The link to that resource can be found here:

Who processes the credit cards?

  • Our marketplace primarily utilizes Stripe as our credit card payment processor and to transfer funds between the Marketplace and Vendor accounts.  Many people haven't heard of Stripe like they've heard of Square, Paypal, etc.  Fear not!  Stripe may not be well known to the average person, but their customers include some of the following major companies:

    • Amazon
    • Shopify
    • Instacart
    • Lyft
    • ...and many more

    Click here to read about the customers of Stripe.


    In some instances due to restrictions with Stripe, Square will be utilized to process credit cards on the marketplace as well.