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Crafty Yoopers Marketplace, LLC

"Bringing Upper Peninsula Businesses And Consumers Together On A Common E-Commerce Marketplace."

How did we begin....

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During the pandemic, we realized that many small businesses were really struggling to make ends meet - keeping employees because many didn't want to work anymore, doing business with customers in-person basically went to the wayside and online sales for most small businesses didn't exist, etc.  

The reality is that small businesses make up the backbone of our country - and especially here in the Upper Peninsula.  There's a strong community "bond" in supporting our local economy by shopping locally, and that really took a hit during the pandemic.  This is why we decided to create an e-commerce marketplace that's specifically focused on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We want to give the small family owned retail businesses, farmers, crafters, and food producers in the UP access to an affordable solution for generating additional revenue while giving consumers an easy way to find and purchase from them. 

Let's do this together! If you have any recommendations to improve our site or have any questions, please click on the contact form button below. 

Keep strong and Yooper on!

How to Reach Us

As a young and growing company, we are primarily communicating through our Contact Us form which will send us an email with the contact information you provide.  We will reply via email within 24hrs unless you indicate that you need us to call you - which we will be happy to do as well.

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Working Hours of Marketplace Staff:

We currently have irregular office hours at this time during the week.  If you're not currently a vendor, please follow the link above to our Contact Us Form.  Otherwise, registered vendors please use the internal messaging system while logged into your account.  

Our goal is to respond within 24 hours for all inquiries. Hope you have a wonderful day!