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"Bringing Upper Peninsula Businesses and Consumers Together on a
Common E-commerce Marketplace."

A Marketplace to Shop Local

Small Businesses are the backbone of our country, especially here in the Upper Peninsula.  From home-based crafters and makers, "Mom & Pop" general stores in your local neighborhood, to multi-generational retail stores that provide products all across the UP, our goal and our mission at Crafty Yoopers Marketplace is to provide the online exposure and e-commerce shopping ability your business needs to increase sales and to help keep the doors open. 


You have a vision, inspiration, and a passion for success.  Join Crafty Yoopers Marketplace, LLC and let's work together to make shopping for your products easier to find and more convenient to consumers than a Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist listing can do. 


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Building A Successful Marketplace for Everyone

In order to build trust and lasting customer relationships on the marketplace, we believe that consumers and vendors must be able to navigate the marketplace easily, know that their information is being submitted securely, and communication between vendors, customers, and the marketplace needs to be clear and timely.

Secure Website

Our entire site is secure from the moment you visit us.  We want your browsing and shopping experience to be worry free.

Responsive Ready

For us, it's important that customers have a great experience using our site.  That's why it doesn't matter if they use their phone, tablet, or desktop computer, our site is built utilizing "responsive" technologies allowing our front business site and the marketplace to not only look great but also easily used no matter what device they use.

Shopping Made Easy

Our marketplace makes it easy for customers to not only find your business and your products, but to shop from many businesses at once and to checkout their cart with a single payment.

Vendors Get Paid Automatically

All vendors on the marketplace will need to create a free account with the credit card processor called Stripe.  By utilizing Stripe on our marketplace, vendors automatically get paid for their sales directly into their checking account.  There's a 7 day waiting period initially for that first deposit, but after that first sale the waiting period drops down to only 2 days for subsequent payouts.

Learn more in our "Questions and Answers" section.
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Vendors by Region

In this section, you can find our vendors by a specific region of the Upper Peninsula: 

Western, Central, and Eastern. 

Just click on the region of your choice.

Please excuse the "empty shelves" of the marketplace at this time.  We're in the early stages of taking on new vendors.  Help us to fill up the marketplace with products from your favorite local Upper Peninsula businesses / entrepreneurs by spreading the word.  Don't forget to let your Yooper friends living in exile know about us too!

Let Us Help Bring
Consumers to You

Local Farmers and Food Producers

Farmers and Food Producers work hard providing communities with fresh honey, maple syrup, farm fresh eggs, freshly baked breads, soups, sauces, cakes for special occasions, locally raised meats, fresh produce, jams / jellies, more... YUM!   We want to help farmers and food producers that are licensed and also those that fall under the Michigan Cottage Food Law to get their products to more people.  Let's work together to make that happen.

Local Crafters

Calling all rustic furniture makers, hat & mitten knitters, soap makers, bird house creators, chainsaw carvers and everyone else that has a talent for crafting.  Let's improve the roadside sales and get your products in front of a larger audience on Crafty Yoopers Marketplace.

Small Businesses in the UP

We want to support a wide variety of the small businesses across the UP by providing a local online marketplace that's affordable and easy for consumers to shop at multiple places all at once.....Antique stores, clothing stores, products for outdoor activites, car dealers, and more!  If your small business is located in the Upper Peninsula and thinking about selling online, then contact us. 


Giving back to the communities and helping others across the Upper Peninsula is a foundational principal in which we stand on.

Why Choose Us?

Quality Control

Our goal for the marketplace is to make it a "family friendly environment" where consumers can feel comfortable making purchases in any category of the marketplace.  In order to acheive this, we ask all potential vendors to submit an application that will begin what's called the "onboarding process".  We'll look at various things such as: where the vendor is located, the products / services they sell or provide, etc.  For example, one of the types of businesses we wouldn't allow are dropshippers.  Why?  Because by the very nature of the business model dropshippers never handle the products they sell, they only transmit the order to the manufacturer or wholesaler to fill.  Quality control by the vendor can become "sketchy" and have a negative effect on the reputation of the marketplace.

Community Focused

Our focus at Crafty Yoopers Marketplace is on the local community and how we can support it...."Where exactly is the local community?" you might ask yourself....Well, the ENTIRE Upper Peninsula of Michigan of course!  Through monetary donations and/or volunteering our time, part of our business operations strategy includes supporting local non-profit organizations across the UP that we believe have a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Affordable Marketplace Plans

Crafty Yoopers Marketplace wants to help your business succeed.  One of the ways we do this is by providing multiple pricing plans for vendors to choose from...Seven to be exact.  Our pricing structure is designed to help those who sell a product "every once in a while" to those who have high volume or high dollar sales.  Why do we do this?  Because in order for any business to be successful they need to have flexibility in their operations, and one of the major factors is what it costs to sell a product.  If you look at most mainstream marketplaces out there (ETSY, Amazon, Shopify, etc.) they funnel and shoehorn businesses into maybe 1 of 3 pricing plans at most....This just doesn't cut it for us.  

We're Local & Privately Owned

Crafty Yoopers Marketplace, LLC is a privately owned small business.  What does this mean?  We're not publicly traded and therefore we don't have a large group of investors and shareholders who we need to worry about increasing "their bottom line" from squeezing out as much profits as possible from vendors like other mainstream marketplace businesses do.  Do we need to be concerned about our bottom line?  Of course we do, just like any other business.  However, we also care about the success of our target customers - the local crafters, farmers, and small businesses across the Upper Peninsula.

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Marketplace News

From Our Blog Posts

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In the meantime, it's just a lonely space waiting for a new article to pop-up...

The Marketplace Team.

Let's Build a
Local Marketplace Together!



We Have Over 150 Product Categories...

We're Looking For U.P. Businesses & Entrepreneurs who are:

  • Retailers / Small Business
    (drop shipping businesses are not being accepted)
  • Farmers
  • Crafters
  • Cottage Food Producers
  • Licensed Food Producers
  • Artists
  • U.P. Book Authors
  • Butchers and Bakers and Candlestick/Soap makers too!

Yoopers living in Exile are welcome to join us too!

What Do We Offer...


    • Get started TODAY - Pay nothing until the 7th day.
    • *New vendors only - Annual Pricing Plans Excluded. 
    • Applies to Monthly Fee (for monthly plans) or the one time Sign-up fee (Crafty Plan) only. 
    • Marketplace transaction fees and Stripe credit card fees incurred from product sales are not eligible.
  • We offer 7 Affordable Pricing Plans Starting at Only $9.95
  • Change plans whenever you like according to your business needs.


  • Accept all major credit cards via STRIPE credit card processing
    • (VISA, MC, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, Union Pay and JCB)
  • Get paid automatically for your sales through your STRIPE account.
    ** Vendors sign up with STRIPE for free which is then connected to our marketplace to accecpt payments and to get paid**  
  • Set and control your own shipping rates.  Want to allow for local pickup?  You can do that too!
  • Customers can purchase marketplace gift certificates that's good across all vendors
  • No need to have a sales tax license - we handle the tax collection details
  • Look for more information in our Questions and Answers page

We Promote Local

We're locally owned and operated, so promoting local business is part of Our Mission.  Our success means that we're helping you in YOUR success.  We don't have any hidden or forced advertising fees (like some larger marketplaces have), so if you happen to see your business in any of our promotional ventures - DON'T BE ALARMED!  You won't get charged for it - think of it as a neighbor helping out another neighbor to do better.  Any advertising products that we'll have available for a fee will be clear in pricing and without any obligations.

Open your vendor account today!

**Must be 18 years or older to open a vendor account