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Together We Are One

Hello!  We're Jason & Stacy Gray.  Married with children and the owners / creators of Crafty Yoopers Marketplace, LLC.

Jason is the primary driving force behind getting the marketplace business up and running - from business formation to System Administration responsibilities.

Stacy holds down the fort at home with our 4 kids - homeschooling each one of them using the Seton Homeschooling Program.  She also provides the much-needed feedback, advice, and keeps her husband Jason focused and on track (as much as she can anyways) when his ADHD starts to get a bit "out of hand" ....  

Contact Info
Stacy has degrees In: General Business: Northern Michigan; Physical Therapy Assistant: Finlandia University
Jason studied programs in Electrical Engineering and also Business Administration - Management Information Systems: Michigan Technological University


"I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; Together we can do great things." ~ St. Mother Teresa