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Let us know what's on your mind regarding the marketplace.  Are you interested in becoming a vendor on the marketplace? Maybe you'd like to advertise your business on our site, or perhaps do both?  If you're interested in becoming a vendor, let us know if you're a crafter, farmer, food producer, or a brick-n-mortar retailer and some details of your business operations.  We'll add you to our e-mail list and contact you with more information. 

*Please note, we will never share, sell, or otherwise distribute your contact information to outside 3rd parties unless required to by law enforcement.  Your information stays within our business for our use only.*



We know that communication is key to any successful relationship - whether it's friends, family or business.  Our goal is to be as responsive as we can, but on occasion things happen and our e-mails get sent into the trash or the spam folder.  When you send us a message through the contact us form, it will immediately send you an automated e-mail indicating that we received your message.  You should expect a follow-up email from one or our team members as well (our goal is within 24hrs) addressing the content of your form (Follow-up emails aren't sent out on Sundays though).


Please make sure to check your trash and/or spam folders for e-mails from us if you have not received a response from us in your inbox.  Don't forget to add our domain to your "whitelist" in your email client to allow emails from us:


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Thank you for visiting Crafty Yoopers Marketplace, LLC.

Hope you have a blessed day!

~ Jason

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